Athletics at EuroGames 2020 in Düsseldorf

Track and field:
Since we see track and field as a core sports to EuroGames, we have secured vast experience with SC Janus and the “Leichtathletikverband Nordrhein” joining our team. We also have a perfect location with the Rather Waldstadion in Düsseldorf, which serves as a regional training centre site and also hosts a popular athletics meeting.

After our recent experiences with triathlon at EuroGames, it was our goal to make sure that the triathlon remains part of the EuroGames sports. For this we have secured the know-how and have determined a route that participants will like!  Also we will ensure athletes have a proper changing area, volunteers and a closed-off racetrack.

5- and 10-km run:
At the Düssel-Cup our route leads through one of the loveliest parks in Düsseldorf. For the EuroGames, we will look at other options but are sure to provide a scenic and centrally located route.

Depending on the interest and registrations, we would like to add a half-marathon to our athletics programme. Routes and details will have to be organised.