Ballsport at EuroGames 2020 in Düsseldorf

Based on the experience we have gained by organising numerous tournaments in the last ten years, we will be able to host a large tournament. Having secured at least 10 courts (up to 13 available), we will be able to host 700 participants (900 max.). Each level will host a final (A-levels at CASTELLO), refereed by professionals.

Same as volleyball, we have ten years’ experience in organising tournaments. Professional referees will be supervising the games.

Given that basically all large german cities are football cities, we have a huge number of perfect outdoor fields. Depending on the number of registered teams in each level, we will make sure that each competition will be played on the same surface during the whole tournament.

As this is an important sport for Germany, we have secured knowledge for making it a sport at the EuroGames 2020.

We have secured a well-known club to host and help us with this sport.

Beach volleyball:
With our history, we will be able to organise beach volleyball. For that we have secured in total six well-kept outdoor fields and have an indoor back-up available.