Club DiscoEuroGames Village
CSD Düsseldorf e. V. is an organisation founded in 2004 by a handful of committed individuals who believed it was time for the North Rhine-Westphalian regional capital to host an event commemorating the Stonewall riot on Christopher Street in New York in 1969. These annual events (Düsseldorf Pride) have always included a street festival, a commemorative church service and a parade involving various groups, clubs and organisations.
For years now the venue for Düsseldorf’s CSD has been the Johannes-Rau-Platz, right next to the River Rhine. It’s the perfect event location, with a large stage for German and international artists, and for top politicians, because the North Rhine-Westphalian parliament is just around the corner.
The sycamore tree-lined promenade is used for information, artists and food stands, and the grassy areas on the banks of the Rhine are the perfect place for visitors to relax and enjoy themselves.
The EuroGames village will benefit from the CSD atmosphere and flair, providing plenty of opportunities to meet old and new friends, dine, drink and dance or simply chill out on the banks of the Rhine. The parade and closing ceremony will also combine the EuroGames and the CSD event.

EuroGames House: zakk
zakk is a cultural centre in Düsseldorf, which was established in 1977. It stands for action, culture and communication and is located in an old industrial hall. Zakk offers a big hall (concerts, party), a small club, and a café with restaurant. The programme ranges from concerts and big parties to cultural and political events and offers room for everyone to relax.
zakk is a non-for-profit organisation and has been partner to the Düssel-Cup for many years. For the EuroGames 2020 zakk would transform into the EuroGames House.
EuroGames House will be open to everyone:

  • You can go there for breakfast or other meals.
  • It will host the Gender Café from Thursday to Saturday.
  • It will also be the place for the no glitter or pop party on Friday.
  • The political programme will take place here.
  • Every evening we plan to have a concert, a performance or the like.
  • The bridge tournament will most likely be held here.
  • The tournament office will most likely be located here.

Ceremonies and events

  • Opening ceremony: The opening ceremony is planned to take place on the main square in the Altstadt (Burgplatz), which is the centre for any main public event in the city.
  • Closing ceremony: The closing ceremony will be held right after the Pride Parade at the EuroGames Village.
  • Opening party: After the opening ceremony, we will offer an opening party in a location near the opening ceremony.
  • Pool party: We plan to host a pool party at a party location with an outdoor pool on the banks of the Rhine.
  • Boat party: On Friday we will rent the biggest party boat available in Germany and dance off on the Rhine.
  • zakk no glitter or pop party: At the EuroGames House, we will offer a party that is different from the glittery party world.
  • zakk Gender Café: The EuroGames house will be open as a café for all during the whole week.
  • Rhine BBQ: On Thursday we plan to hold a big BBQ on the banks of the Rhine, open for everyone.
  • Given the many cultural institutions in Düsseldorf, we will organise a special cultural programme for the EuroGames 2020.