Our team has grown to about 20 people now, who all help to bring EuroGames 2020 to life.

Among many others, we have Claudia, Andre, Daniel, Aleks, Mike, Pascal, Christian, Heidi, Petra,  Sandra, Sabine, Markus H., Florian, Oliver, Steffi, Markus S. and good friends in the sports administration of Düsseldorf on board.







In case you have an further questions feel free to contact us:

Silke has a handball and football background. She’s been involved in the Düssel-Cup since day one and she’s the person who invented the famous “bread roll calculator”. She’s planned diverse Düssel-Cup events, and she also handles all the event logistics. Silke is a self-employed IT consultant and nutritionist.

She will head the sports organisation for EuroGames 2020.








Götz is an enthusiastic volleyball player who’s been with VC Phönix since 2000. He’s been on the organisation team since the third Düssel-Cup and he’s the person who handles all the non-sports matters. Götz is a professor and runs his own consultancy firm.

He will head all the non-sport organisation for EuroGames 2020.








Dirk is has been involved in LGBTIQ sports matters for almost 20 years now. He was president of VC Phönix and also on the board of the International Gay and Lesbian Volleyball league. Being part of the founding team of the Düssel-Cup he introduced the outreach program in 2010, for which he received an award in 2016. With his expertise and many contacts, he will be responsible for liaison with the EGLSF and all the clubs and initiatives involved. I his private life, he is an IT consultant and married with no kids but fish (soon).

Dirk will be the liason for the EGLSF, all its member-clubs and the outreach programme.