Proposal for twin-games in 2021

The EuroGames Düsseldorf organization is not responsible for the COVID-19 crisis and its effects and circumstances.

So why should they and the 2,000 registered participants suffer the consequences alone, which could result in a possible cancellation or complete new start in 2024?

The presented solution shows European solidarity with Düsseldorf from EG Copenhagen and the EGLSF board and clubs to improve the goals and visions of the EuroGames and at the same time values the original idea of EuroGames: To enable clubs and organizers of EuroGames to organize the event without huge funds and primarily with voluntary work by its members.


Both Eurogames will take place in August 2021, creating the possibility to participate in both sports events

  • EuroGames Düsseldorf e.g. on 4th to 8th of August or 10th to 14th and promoted as EuroGames 2020 in 2021


  • EuroGames Copenhagen on 18th to 20st of August (in combination with the World Pride as „Happy Copenhagen“), promoted as Copenhagen 2021 and no way to mistake it with EuroGames in Düsseldorf


  • promotion as a unique pan-european twin event
    • celebrate the „Get out of the Corona crisis“ feeling together in solidarity
    • usage of an additional logo for both EG to show the link
    • additional events/activities to underline the connection




  • solidary solution to the corona crisis, that is nobody's fault
  • solution with the smallest consequences for all EuroGames (2020-2024)
  • Twin-EuroGames as a once in a lifetime event
  • both EuroGames offer very different experiences
    • Copenhagen EuroGames as part of a huge event in a city that already hosted EuroGames and OutGames
    • Düsseldorf EuroGames with a focus on sports and with a lot of experience in organizing tournaments, as well as a good connection to South and East Europe
  • chance for participants to visit both events
  • no cannibalisation of sports with potentially small critical participation minimum
    • Düsseldorf would disclaim ballroom dancing, dodgeball, artistic swimming and diving to Copenhagen
    • in return Düsseldorf offers sports that Copenhagen does not offer, like rowing, skiing and rugby as well as boxing and martial arts
  • both EuroGames would be financially secured for the execution of the events
  • involvement of EGLSF possible, could forgo double fees when participants take part in both events





  • both EuroGames could be smaller than expected
  • participants might have to decide for one event
  • existing contracts have to be changed
  • some initial visions might have to be adjusted


How to overcome obstacles

  • further activities can be established to encourage the participation in both games by:
    • getting a discount on fees
    • establishing a transfer from Düsseldorf to Copenhagen to support the link
  • more participants can be attracted due to this unique twin event
    • participants from overseas are more attracted to join two big sports events with just one European trip
    • joint marketing might lead to sports competitions organized by at least one EuroGames host, which would not take place as separated events
    • promote the partnership of both hosts
  • smaller games can be great too, if they are well organized (-> Helsinki '16)


  • 2 seperate registration systems that can't be mistaken:
    • for Copenhagen
    • for Düsseldorf
    • registration for Nijmegen starts on the Düsseldorf-system at EuroGames Düsseldorf 
  • combined marketing by Düsseldorf,using the 2in21-logo
  • Copenhagen continues to use the Copenhagen2021-logo
  • total transparency on registration numbers for both EuroGames - to decided in cooperation, which sports should only be offered by one EuroGames, in case of low registration numbers 
  • joint sports guidelines for both EuroGames
  • reduced fees for participants joining both EuroGames
  • additional medals for winners at both EuroGames
  • no aggressive marketing based on fees
  • potential maximum participants number for Düsseldorf
  • combined social-media marketing on the EGLSF-platform
  • open to many more cooperation ideas to the benefit of participants




Why do you propose 2 EuroGames in one year? 

Many major sports events (like Olympia) have subsequently postponed their events by one year, in order to give the hosts the chance to carry out their plan and not lose more money than they already have. Despite being a minority that should stick together even more, it's impossible for a small organization like the EGLSF to find a similiar solution, instead of adapting the examples already set. Twin-Games in 2021 are the only way that all existing hosts can proceed with their plans for the time the originally wanted to, except for Düsseldorf. They would all stay financially stable. Nijmegen would not be affected at all, even though they agreed that they would be willing to move to 2023 if all EuroGames are postponed by a year and Bern with its bid for 2023 would not be affected as well.


Why can't Düsseldorf move to 2022 or even 2024? 

The city of Düsseldorf and the federal state of Northrhine-Westphalia have given the EuroGames Düsseldorf public funds to host this event. If registrations can't be transfered to 2021, we have to reimburse all participants by also using the money given to us to do so, as well as pay cancellation fees for our contracts and operating costs - which we already have to do anyway. Hosting in 2022 or later would mean to restart as a new project, that the city council would have to vote on again. Given the fact, that they already lose money this year, a new approval seems very unlikely. However, they have agreed to informally continue funding for 2021 on a smaller scale.

Bidding for new EuroGames for 2024 is even worse since we have to undergo everything from the start, starting with a new bidding for the AGA and so on. If the EuroGames 2020 will be cancelled, it will remain and considered as a failed EuroGames leaving people demotivated and not even rewarded for all the effort they put in. Based on these preliminaries, there won't be a new bid from Düsseldorf at all.


Why can't Düsseldorf have EuroGames in late 2020 or spring 2021? 

Late 2020 is no option, as we don't know how the corona crisis will develop and when travelling will be possible again, so the postponeponement might have to be postponed again. Also, many outdoor sports could not be offered. 60% of participants are for outdoor sports like running, track&field, tennis and rowing.

Spring 2021 is an unrealistic option, because as of 15th May 2020, the license holder of 2021 has given no consent to two EuroGames any time in 2021. An EGA would also have to decide on this matter. At the same time, we picked August because the city's sports facilities were made available to us - but only during summer break, when schools are closed and local sports leagues have ended. This would not be the case in spring. Additionally, all our volunteers need quite some time off to organize their sports tournaments, as well as other volunteers signing up to help with all other things. The holiday period is generally July/August. 


Participants will already have difficult decisions to make when considering committing to EuroGames as many will have made a loss on travel and/or accommodation in 2020. This means that we’re less likely to see individuals who want to commit to 2 sets of Games?

There are already more than 1600 participants for Düsseldorf, that have paid their participation fees well before the corona crisis started and they can keep their already paid fees for our games in 2021 without a loss. If both EuroGames work together and possible discounts are created for persons participating in both events, the fees can be reduced as well. At the same time, accommodation in Copenhagen would not be cheap anyway, as costs for accommodation go up with an expected 500,000 visitors to WorldPride. Accommodation in Düsseldorf in the summer is cheaper in comparison. Travel costs could be reduced by offering transfers (e.g. by bus or train) and if people are able to fly to either Copenhagen or Düsseldorf is a question that would still exist, if only one EuroGames were to happen.

If EuroGames in Düsseldorf will be fully cancelled, it means a sure loss of 1.600 current and 4.000 potential participants in total.


When bidding for 2021, Copenhagen would reasonably have never expected to have another organiser awarded a second EuroGames in the same year or month.

While this might be true, when applying for the EuroGames 2020, nobody could foresee that covid-19 would spread in 2019/2020 and jeopardize the plans for EuroGames 2020 in Düsseldorf. These are circumstances the world has never experienced before and will hopefully never suffer again. Making Twin-Games possible in 2021 would represent the uniqueness of the situation and offers an approach in solidarity that enables both EuroGames to take place.


Bidding for a EuroGames in the future will be a less attractive proposition if it is considered that the EGLSF may be able to grant a further licence to another party for the same year – and maybe even the same month.

Having two EuroGames in a year will be a once in a lifetime thing and a chance, to show solidarity within the community and for all EuroGames organizers. There will never be another occasion in which two EuroGames are licensed in one year. This has never been and will never be the intention. In fact, quite the opposite could be the case. If future organizers see that the EGLSF is willing to support organizers even in times of crisis and difficulties and is eager to find a solution, this might be attracting even more bids by potential organizers that are unsure yet.

Potential hosts might be scared off if a EuroGames host is not supported in times of crisis, but sacrificed in favor of other hosts – this negative impact would be even bigger.

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