Badminton at the EuroGames 2020


Levels and disciplines

Badminton is played in levels C-, C+, B-, B+ and A.

On Thursday, 6th August, we offer Single and Mixed competitions. Women can participate in the men's Single competition, one level below their regular level. If enough women sign up, a Single competition for women will be offered. 

On Friday, 7th August, we offer Double competitions for men and women. 

On Saturday, 8th August, selected finals will take place at the same time as finals of other sports, all at Castello.

You can participate for a single competition and double competition or a mixed competition and double competition. You sign up per day, the competitions are played as written above.

Our plan is to give you at least 3 sets for Singles and 5 sets for Doubles.

If you like to participate in Doubles, please make sure to already have a Double partner. For the registration it is necessary to know the first name, last name and the email address of your double partner (no “blind dates”).

In order to guarantee a fair tournament, please ensure your level classification fairly and correctly reflects your ability. The following criteria have been set for classification for the EuroGames 2020:

  1. The team's level will be determined solely on the basis of the better player's level classification and results at LGBT tournaments (Singles and Doubles) over the last three years. Involvement in Mixed and senator competitions will not be considered. It is the responsibility of each player/team to ensure that their classification is correct. Incorrect classification can jeopardize the participation.
  2. Gold medal (first place) winners at tournaments with 200 participants or more like EuroGames, Gay Games etc. over the last three years are obliged to play in a classification level higher.
  3. The award of five medals (first to third places) at any LGBT tournaments over the last three years shall likewise result in a higher level classification.

The organisation team, if appropriate, reserves the right to move a participant from one competition to another and to merge competitions in case of too low participants per competition. In that case you will be informed via email.



Badminton will take place at the Castello in Düsseldorf.

Thursday, 06.08.2020 / 8:30 - 21:00 – Singles Men (with Women) and Mixed

Friday, 07.08.2020 / 8:30 - 21:00 – Doubles Women and Men

Saturday, 08.08.2020 / 9:00 - 14:00 – selected finals together with finals of other kind of sports, also at Castello Düsseldorf

We have secured the Castello Düsseldorf as a venue for badminton. The location is a professional sports and event center and offers extremely high ceilings, a special ventilation system that won't influence your shuttlecocks and lights that don't blind you when you look up.

It also offers a special catering area, numerous large changing rooms and big stands for spectators. The whole complex is modern and spacious, which allows the set up of 16 courts that can be used at the same time.

The final schedule for the badminton tournament will be announced to the participants by email.



SC AufRuhr e.V., Bochum, Germany 

Frankfurter Volleyball Verein e.V., Frankfurt a.M., Germany


Rules (Plan as of July 2019)

We are starting with the preliminary round as group system (everyone plays against everyone). The main round is played as knock-out system. 

The levels C- and C+ are played with nylon shuttlecocks, the levels B-, B+ and A are played with natural feather shuttlecocks.

The organisation team, if appropriate, reserves the right to change the flow of the tournament.


Key facts

Days: Thursday, 06.08.2020 till Saturday, 08.08.2020

Disciplines: Singles, Double, Mixed

Levels: A, B+, B-, C+, C-

Min/Max: max. 300 Participants, depending on the final schedule



EGLSF-member fee: 80 Euro
Additional fee for non-EGLSF: + 20 Euro 
Sports price: + 7 Euro



Level 2, Women/Man is understood as women/man*ident. 






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