Bowling at the eurogames 2020

Bowling at the EuroGames is mainly organized by SC AufRuhr from Bochum.


The tournament will take place at the Bowling World Düsseldorf at B8 Center, which has already been successfully used for the Düssel-Cup. We have a total of 16 modern lanes there.


The tournament will take place on Thursday, 6th of August and Friday, 7th of August. 
We will hold three competitions: Singles (men/women), doubles (mix/women) and team (4 players). In your registration we ask for the respective point average. Depending on the number of entries we will form competitive classes on this basis. Therefore we ask for a fair indication. 






Key facts

Days: Thursday, 06.08.20 and Friday, 07.08.20

Levels: Performance classes, depending on number of registrations

Min/Max: max. 150 participants

Sports details

See main information.



EGLSF-member fee: 80 Euro
Additional fee for non-EGLSF: + 20 Euro 
Sports price: + 7 Euro



Level 2, Women/Man is understood as women/man*ident





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