Düsseldorf? Düsseldorf!


Düsseldorf is the capital of Germany’s biggest federal state, North Rhine-Westphalia, and has a population of around 600,000. It is one of Germany´s fastest growing cities, having replaced Stuttgart as Germany’s sixth biggest city. With its bordering cities and counties, the greater area of Düsseldorf has a population of well over one million.

The city is located on the banks of the River and offers a wide variety of activities, places of interest, restaurants, bars and festivals. Düsseldorf is regularly among the top three cities to live in Germany and regularly grabs a top-10 place in Mercer’s international study of living conditions.



The old town with it's vast variety of bars, breweries and restaurants, the Königsallee with ist luxury shopping opportunities, the Media Harbour with its collection of architectural icons, the palaces of Benrath and the ancient ruins of Kaiserswerth are the most visited places in Düsseldorf. The city is well known for ist warm-hearted people, living the typical tradition of the “Rheinländer” – the esscence of which is getting together an being ready to share a beer with strangers. Beer itself ist a particular tradition to Düsseldorf, as the typical “Altbier” (dark beer) is only brewed here. Along with neighbouring cities such as Cologne, Düsseldorf hosts the Carnival, which takes place early in the year (February/March). Düssedorf also has the largest population of Japanes people in Germany, and to celebrate their presence, a large festival is held each year in June.


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