Football at the EuroGames 2020


Football will take place in the shadow of the UEFA European Championship 2024. 
In addition to the Arena in Düsseldorf, a venue in 2024, our tournament will take place on a total of 4 large and 4 small fields. 

In case of necessity, we might opt for another sports facility, in order to perform the women* tournaments.


For men* we offer  a tournament 11vs11 and a 7vs7 tournament. 
For also offer a women* the 7vs7 tournament.

The fields are either natural or artificial turf.


We guarantee a total of at least 120 minutes play time per team, over the course of two days, whereby the concrete game mode depends on the number of teams registered. The matches will be led by external main referees.

The performance classes may be altered by the Tournament Lead in case of necessity. 

The official FIFA rules are applied, adjustments are made when needed due to external circumstances.



In the 7v7 mode, one player on the field can be of the opposing or diverse gender, in 11v11 up to three players can be of opposing or diverse gender. There are no limitations to the number of substitutes from opposing or diverse gender.


Registered Teams

11vs11 7vs7
Expert Hobby Expert Hobby
London Falcons FC Village Manchester Footballclub   Zorros Mexico
Stonewall Lions GMadrid Sport   FVV Manndecker Frankfurt
London Titans FC Leftfooters FC   Ballboys Hamburg

Pan Copenhagen

Nottingham Lions Footballclub   GMadrid Bottoms
Dublin Devils FC Saltire Thistle FC   East End Phoenix
  Pink Devils    
  London Titans FC 2    
  Cork Rebels FC    


Expert Hobby
Raketen FC Hatschepsuts
Ballköniginnen Hot Women FC
Jumping Potatoes Phoenix Tigers
  Chemin des Cimes Montpellier
  From Zero to Hero
  Brighton Seagals


Key facts

Days: Thursday, 06.08.20 and Friday, 07.08.20

Levels: Expert & Hobby

Categories: Men*, Women*

Min/Max: 32 Teams 7vs7 & 32 Teams 11vs11


Sports details

See main information.



EGLSF-member fee: 80 Euro
Additional fee for non-EGLSF: + 20 Euro 
Sports price: + 7 Euro



Level 3, Women/Man is understood as women/man*ident.  




 Ulrike & Mustafa


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