Eurogames 2020 Gender policy

We take Inclusiveness serious and have worked with experts on this matter. At the AGA 2019 of the EGLSF in Budapest a decision has been taken, to proceed with the following pattern.

Our goal is to make inclusiveness concrete and not to remain in commonplaces. Therefore we know that our concept may not be perfect yet - but we hope that it's a step on the way. We are always open for and very interested in any suggestions and comments you might have.

All sports haven been classified due to specific sport rules or external rules, we can divide into four levels: 

  • Level 4: Complete abandonment of gender classes 
  • Level 3: Team sports where a team member can be of the different sex. We also understand man and woman as man*ident and woman*ident. 
  • Level 2: Single or double sports structured in the categories man and woman: Here we interpret man and woman as man*ident and woman*ident. Non-binary or intersexual persons are kindly requested to contact in order to make participation possible. In addition, we recommend that you obtain a supplementary identity card from the DGTI in order to have a basis for clarification in cases of doubt.
  • Level 1: Sports in which a strict distinction is made between men and women. Here we are dependent on external classifications. Therefore we offer a separate competition 'diverse' as a supplement. 


Level  Designation Description Sports DGTI-certificate
4 Complete abolition of all gender-related classes  There is only one competition (related to the gender classes) in which all participants start and are judged together.  water polo, billiards, synchronized swimming group mix and combination, bridge, bowling, shooting team, triathlon team, beach volleyball mix, badminton double mix, table tennis mix, skiing, floorball, dodgeball  Not required
3 Team sports with mixed teams, which are assigned to the categories man(*ident)/woman(*ident)  Teams are divided into male and female classes according to the specific rules for each sport. The individual allocation is carried out by the athletes according to the concept of man(*ident) or woman(*ident). The own allocation into the two binary sexes is left to everyone. Depending on the type of sport, a minimum number of male(*ident) or female(*ident) team members is required. In most sports, one player per team can play with a different classification as male(*ident) or female(*ident). In team sports with mix competitions, these classes are considered to be completely abolition of the gender-related classification.  volleyball, basketball, hockey, football, handball, beach volleyball, synchronized swimming duet Only for the clarification of doubtful cases of an assignment as a woman(*ident)
2 Individual sports with retention of the categories man(*ident) / woman(*ident) with own allocation The players choose the gender classes male(*ident)/woman(*ident) in which they want to compete. In case of doubt, the DGTI certificate can only be used to clarify the classification in the women‘s(*ident) competition. badminton single, table tennis single/double, squash, shooting single, running, triathlon, athletics, half marathon, high diving   Only for the clarification of doubtful cases of an assignment as a woman(*ident)
1 Retention of the categories man/woman by observance of rules of third parties The gender allocation is made on the basis of external allocation, to which the EuroGames must adhere. In order to make participation possible for all, supplementary competition classes are offered.  swimming, tennis  Not required


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