Key facts


Sport comes first

In the first place, people come for sports. So we believe this is the most important to function. That is where we throw in ten years of experience with big LGBTIQ tournaments, add know-how through our work with other clubs and are sure to deliver a EuroGames worthy of the LGBTIQ community.


Make it big

Given our knowledge, background and support of the city and many sports clubs, we want to make it big, and have brought together more than 25 sports, and hope to attract more than 4,000 participants.


Make it a festival

Next to sports, we believe in the need for central meeting points where people can meet and get to know each other. That is why the Düsseldorf Pride will move to the EuroGames date to build the EuroGames village. Also we have asked the “zakk” – a well-known cultural centre in Düsseldorf – to join the EuroGames days as the EuroGames House, offering a variety of cultural events, and also the Gender café and parties.


Attract people from eastern and southern Europe

We have seen a decline in the number of participants from southern and eastern Europe at recent events, due to many reasons. That is why we focus on bringing these countries back to the EuroGames, offering cheap housing for participants from these regions. We are experienced in doing that due to our long-term outreach programme.


Make it visible

The EuroGames have to be visible before, during and after the games. This is why we have already started a big campaign for our bid in the city. The council voted unanimously in March to bid for the games. If we do host the games, all the city’s information boards (city, trams, stations) would carry information about the EuroGames. Besides that, the city will be flagged with EuroGames-flags, just like Helsinki did too greatly!


Keep it affordable

We believe that keeping the costs for participants low is a crucial factor to attract more people. Due to our location in the heart of Europe, there is a variety of possible forms of transport for participants to get to Düsseldorf (car, bus, train, plane). We have also put together a budget based on the same registration fees as in 2015 and 2016.


Keep it personal

We are a big group of volunteers putting this bid together. We are aged from 18 to 66, gay, lesbian, trans and even straight. Most of us have participated in the EuroGames and are active in our sports. So we have a personal motivation to deliver excellence in organising our sports. All of our tournaments have been organised with a special personal touch, and we would like to add that to the EuroGames!


Make it your heart’s desire

Our bid was driven by our wish and drive to host the EuroGames. We want to add to its legacy, as we all have stood at many opening and closing ceremonies and had a shiver down our backs thinking that one day, it could be us providing the grounds for the EuroGames to happen. We hope this moment will be in 2020, and we are working hard towards it.


Come closer

We may not be the biggest city to bid for the EuroGames, but have the tradition and vision to bring people closer together. We would like to host the EuroGames not as a reward for what has been achieved or organised, but for using our capacities to prove that the EuroGames can be handled by EGLSF sports clubs. We hope to encourage other sports clubs, especially in the east to also go for it.


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