Besides expertise in organising sports, we have managed to bring together some of the best sporting venues Düsseldorf has to offer:



The world-renowned tennis club has a legacy during the time tennis was a big sport in Germany. It is situated in beautiful surroundings, with a total of 13 courts and a centre court that holds 3,500 spectators.


Golf-Club Hubbelrath:

It is one of the most beautiful courses in Germany, located in a hilly park landscape, and has hosted national and international competitions.


Table Tennis Leistungszentrum:

The National Table Tennis Centre (DTTZ) is located in Düsseldorf. For the world championship in 2017 the centre has added new sports halls.



In 2016 the city opened a new centre with a 50-metre swimming pool, made for national and international events.


Skihalle Neuss:

The 300-metre slope has a height difference of 110 metres and offers a gradient between 10 and 28 degrees. The four ski lifts bring you to the top.


Boston Club:

We have secured the famous Boston Club as the location for dancing at the EuroGames.


Rather Waldstadion:

This newly renovated arena is a training centre site for track and field sports. It offers all possible sports at a high quality standard.


Fühlinger Lake:

Fühlinger See is a racetrack in the north of Cologne and has hosted numerous national and international championships.


Public finals at CASTELLO:

We are working on the idea of making some finals (e.g. volleyball A-levels, badminton A-levels, women’s basketball) a public event for everybody. For this the city will most likely give us the CASTELLO, a professional multi-sports arena in the south of the city. It can host up to 3,300 spectators. Our idea is to have three or four finals of different sports on Saturday morning, which will be widely announced in the public.



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