EuroGames-Ticket - WE GO GREEN

EuroGames-Ticket - WE GO GREEN

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: The EuroGames-Ticket


We have reached an agreement with the local public transportation company and are proud to announce that, during the EuroGames 2020, you will be able to use a special EuroGames-Ticket for the whole public transportation system.

Do a bit of sightseeing, easily reach your sporting venues and get back to your accommodation after enjoying one of our big parties! You will be able to reach 99% of all the venues (sport, party, culture) easily by public transportation. So please avoid any motorised individual transport. 

The EuroGames-Ticket will cost you as little as 7 Euro and is valid from Wednesday till Sunday. 

Please be aware that a single ride will cost you 2,90 Euro and a one-day ticket 7,10 Euro. As you can see, we have managed to get a great deal! Get it now with your registration! 

Big plus: While using buses and trains, you'll save lots of carbondioxide and help reduce your ecological footprint. We are trying to make the EuroGames 2020 as ecofriendly as possible and save resources for future generations. The public transportation tickete is just the first step on the way.

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