ESSDA and DVET together for dance sports tournament

ESSDA and DVET together for dance sports tournament

Dancing - Very big at the EuroGames 2020

Associations ESSDA and DVET together for successful tournament

Equality Dance Sport has been an integral part of EuroGames and Gay Games for many years. The competitions are always characterized by a high quality and attractiveness for the spectators. To guarantee this for the participants, a high level of experience in the organisation of such competitions is required. The EuroGames 2020 Düsseldorf stand in this tradition and are determined to organize a fantastic dance competition for all participants.

The Düsseldorf Equality Dance Sports Association TSC conTAKT has done a great job and won the two major associations ESSDA (European Same-Sex Dancing Association) and DVET (German Association for Equal Dance Sports) for cooperation and as official partners of the EuroGames 2020. At the beginning of February, a joint agreement was reached which should be trend-setting for the future.

The dance competitions of the EuroGames 2020 will also be the 7th European Championships of the ESSDA. The DVET will provide the chairman, the ESSDA will send a representative who will accompany the event on site and present medals or certificates to the three best couples of the A-Levels. At least nine judges (of which a maximum of three are from Germany) will be in charge of the evaluation.

TSC conTAKT Düsseldorf e.V. is the host of the dance tournament of the EuroGames 2020 Düsseldorf. The organisers* have many years of experience in organising competitions, including the German Championships 2015. With the Boston Club Düsseldorf a fantastic and proven dance location has been found. The competitions will take place from Wednesday (05.08.) to Friday (07.08.).

We are looking forward to an excellent dance competition at the EuroGames 2020 Düsseldorf.




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