EuroGames team member receives Federal Chancellor Scholarship

EuroGames team member receives Federal Chancellor Scholarship

Sports conference in planning

The EuroGames 2020 Düsseldorf invite you to a two-day sports conference on 3 and 4 August 2020. On the two days before the start of the major sports tournament, the topics "Women in Sport" and "Integration" will be on the agenda. There will be lectures, workshops and panel discussions for sports officials and interested parties. An invitation for this is in preparation; details are currently being planned.

The Sports Conference is headed by 34-year-old Russian Elena Lipilina. She is an enthusiastic sportswoman and plays flag football (non-contact version of American football) at a high level. For some time now, Elena has been working in the organisation team of the EuroGames 2020 Düsseldorf. Her engagement in Germany is made possible by the so-called "Federal Chancellor Scholarship". The Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation thus supports internationally oriented university graduates* from Russia and other countries. After her participation in the EuroGames 2015 in Stockholm, where she won the bronze medal with her women's basketball team, Elena launched the women's sports project WAMSPORT in her home country and became involved in the Russian LSBTIQ* sports association.

We are delighted that Elena is now actively supporting the EuroGames 2020 Düsseldorf.


Elena and Goetz

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