An open letter against the panic

An open letter against the panic

The spreading epidemic worries all of us very much.

Health, economy and once again our way of life are in danger. The virus is not the fault of any country or continent, but an often ignored danger for us humans.

What is at stake now? Our health systems, political leaders, our administrations and associations must act now. There is no question about that and it is a good thing. We ourselves should comply with hygiene rules and precautions.

All this applies especially right now! We must succeed in controlling the virus within the next two months. The information from China is hopeful that this can be done.

What else does responsible action mean? It means that, in addition to short-term hygiene and precautionary measures, we must also think about the time after this epidemic.

None of us will be able to or are going into quarantine from now until September. As soon as the situation is largely under control, we should all return to our normal lives as quickly as possible. Otherwise, we might as well cancel the Christmas markets right now and skip Christmas itself.

If now all of us drop what our lives used to be, it will no longer be there after the panic.

Let's all react calmly, but let's not panic and throw things overboard that don't need to be decided now! It is possible that in the end only this panic will destroy things we love and not the virus. And after the storm we realize that all these things no longer exist.

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