Proposal for Twin-Games in 2021

Proposal for Twin-Games in 2021

We know you’ve eagerly been waiting for news about the EuroGames in Düsseldorf. We are very sorry and apologize for not informing you earlier, but we have been working for a joint solution. As you already know, the postponement of our EuroGames is not a decision that lies solely in our hands. But we have to announce the following: There will be no EuroGames in Düsseldorf in 2020, due to the ongoing covid-19 crisis and its restrictions and circumstances. BUT: The city of Düsseldorf and our partners have already agreed to support a postponement.


Since the beginning of March, we have been in close contact and discussions with the EGLSF and the organizers of EuroGames 2021 and 2022. We initiated the idea of moving all EuroGames forward by one year. This initiative was unsuccessful.

After further negotiations and ruling out of various options, we are left to either host EuroGames in 2020 or have priority in the bidding process for EuroGames 2024.


Other discussed options are impossible for us to carry out, due to various reasons. We see all our dreams of hosting EuroGames and the result of many years of voluntary work demolished. These are unprecedented times and we never expected those difficulties and hope they will never occur again for any future organizers. Nevertheless, those times also call for unique solutions. A solution which shows that the EGLSF-family stands together in times of crisis.


Therefore, we proposed the once-in-a-lifetime idea:


Have Twin-EuroGames in 2021!


We do not want to carry out EuroGames in concurrence with Copenhagen and instead make a virtue out of the crisis and the show future organizers that the community is strong and that nobody is left alone with the difficulties they face. We know that both EuroGames could be smaller than expected, but this is a risk we are willing to take in order to keep the dream alive. After all, even small EuroGames can be a great and successful experience, Helsinki in 2016 has proven that. We’d rather have smaller EuroGames than no EuroGames.


Twin-EuroGames in 2021 would enable all existing organizers to host their EuroGames and would only affect two of them. We have organized everything for a postponement to 2021 and motivated all volunteers to keep up their engagement for another year.


However, this decision cannot be made by us. Neither can it be made by the Board of the EGLSF. The EGSLF member clubs award EuroGames to a host and are therefore the only authority that can make a forward-looking decision and represent the will of those affected.

In conclusion, a motion at the next Extraordinary General Assembly will be presented and we hope for a solution that represents the solidarity needed right now and that is reasonable and just and takes all circumstances into consideration.


With reservation to the decision of the EGLSF member clubs in an Extraordinary General Assemby, we therefore plan EuroGames in Düsseldorf from the 4th to 8th of August 2021.


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