Outreach is not new to us. We have offered an Outreach programme at the Düssel-Cup for nearly ten years now.

Andrey, 37, from Moscow (outreach participant in 2011)

We have taken home so many memories. Unfortunately I cannot tell my parents back home about them. Thank you so much for all your help!

Tatiana, 20 from Moscow (outreach pariticipant in 2012)

We don´t have the possibility of saying `I am gay´ in our country. A the Düssel-Cup I didn’t feel like I was … an `outlaw´.


The Düssel-Cup has offered a highly successful outreach programme for many years. With this knowledge we will work on the outreach programme for the EuroGames 2020. We have an estimated budget of E14,000 (above 2.5% of the initial budget) to make participation possible for many who could not otherwise come. This includes funding for travel, help with invitation letters (e.g. for Russian participants) or a hosted housing programme.

In 2016 the outreach programme of the Düssel-Cup and Dirk Behmer as its founder were awarded with the highly recognized “Kompassnadel” of the “Schwules Netzwerk e.V.” – the gay network for supporting gay activities.

We hope to find private donors to support the outreach program and have been successful in doing so at the Düssel-Cup and also for EuroGames 2020. This knowledge and marketing will also be used further for the EuroGames 2020 and to secure additional funding to meet our goal to attract more participants from eastern and southern Europe.


If you want to get in contact with our Outreach coordinator, just send a mail to !

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