Rowing at the eurogames 2020

From the very first minute it was clear to us that rowing should be part of the EuroGames 2020 in Düsseldorf. With two regatta courses in the close proximity and six rowing clubs in the city, all prerequisites were met. We took advantage of this situation and established many contacts in the LGBTIQ rowing scene.


The city of Cologne provided us with the regatta course at Fühlinger See. We also used local contacts and know-how so that the Cologne Regatta Association could take over the organisation. We are supported in this project by Queerschlag Berlin, SC Janus and other individuals.


The regatta course is available on Wednesday (attention: opening day!), August 5th and Thursday, August 6th. The exact programme and the distribution between training and race times will be determined in advance on the basis of the registrations. The course is planned on 1.000m.

The following boat classes are currently being planned: 

  • Single sculls (1x) (Men, Women, Diverse) 
  • Lightweight Single sculls (1x) (women up to 59 kg, men/diverse up to 72.5 kg) 
  • Double sculls (2x) (Men, Women, Mix) 
  • Quad sculls (4x) (Men, Women, Mix) 
  • Coxless fours (4-) (Men, Women, Mix) 
  • Gig Boat (c4x+): (Men, Women, Mix) 
  • An eight boat competition is requested for information purposes, but depends on the availability of the boats.



The FISA rules are complied with as far as possible. Exceptions exist with regard to the execution of preliminary and main races (depending on the number of reports). The master classes are determined on the basis of the age of registration of the participants. If the different age groups (at least 4 entries) cannot be sufficiently filled, the master classes will be combined in coordination and taking into account the conversion factors. Masters rules, as published by Deutscher Ruderverband, apply. 

In the mix event only, a maximum of half of the places should be occupied by men. 

Rental boats

We have established contacts with a total of almost 50 rowing clubs and are in the process of clarifying the available rental boats. Our goal is to organize at least 4 boats in comparable condition per boat class. Our goal is a rental price of 10-15 Euro per boat including insurance. As soon as more detailed information is available, we will publish it. Should the actual rental prices be too high for already registered participants, the participation can be cancelled within 2 months after announcement free of charge with 100% refund.

Key facts

Days: Wednesday, 05.08.20 and Thursday, 06.08.20

Disciplines: 1x, 1x Lightweight, 2x, 4x, 4-,  gig 4x+

Categories: Men, Women, Diverse/Mix: Masters age divisions, open

Min/Max: tba


Sports details

See main information.



EGLSF-member fee: 80 Euro
Additional fee for non-EGLSF: + 20 Euro 
Sports price: + 20 Euro



Level 2, 3 and 4, Women/Man is understood as women*/man*ident


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