Shooting at the EuroGames will take place in cooperation with Abseitz Stuttgart and the St. Sebastianus Schützenverein in Düsseldorf Wersten. 


The venue will be the St. Sebastianus complex in Wersten. It has 10 air gun / air pistol stands with a modern Meyton evaluation system. 


The competition will take place during the day on Thursday, 6.8. Depending on the number of registrations, the competition will be extended to Friday, August 7th.


There will be an individual competition (men/women) and a team competition (mix, 3 persons). Abseitz Stuttgart will take over the sports supervision. The referees will be provided by the Schützenverein. During the registration the previous experience in competitions will be asked. Rental equipment is not available from EuroGames. Here we rely on mutual support if necessary.


Days: Thursday, 06.08.2020 and Friday, 07.08.2020

Disciplines: Air gun, Air pistole; each singles / team



Early bird fee EGLSF-member: 60 Euro (regular 80 Euro)
Additional fee for non-EGLSF: + 20 Euro 
Sports price: + 7 Euro



Level 2 (details see homepage) 
Women/Man is understood as women/man*ident.



Marc Oliver, Abseitz Stuttgart


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