Our sports programme

for EuroGames 2020 in Düsseldorf:


Schedule Sport

At the moment we have planned 30 sports, including some new sports. The planned sports can be divided into three groups:

1. Sports we have hosted successfully many times in our regular tournaments: basketball, badminton, volleyball, football, dancing, tennis, beach volleyball, table tennis, running, swimming

2. Sports we haven´t offered yet, but for which we have secured locations, know-how and support: track and field, triathlon, rowing, bowling, hockey, bridge, billiards, golf, rugby, water polo, open water swimming, half-marathon, diving, handball, squash, skiing

3. Sports we are still planning on, but for which we have not yet finalised all details: figure skating, floorball, shooting

In the following, we will highlight a few aspects of each sport, divided by sports groups. The details (levels, disciplines, locations, LGBTIQ* standards, etc.) are listed in the annex. In general we ensured that:

  • each location is made for the sports it hosts
  • the participants and teams will enjoy guaranteed sporting time (matches, runs, disciplines, etc.).
  • the organisation of the tournaments meets international and EGLSF regulations
  • every single participant counts. We will offer the same for pros and beginners alike.
  • where possible we have discussed our planning with the sports specialists of the EGLSF.
  • we meet the standards we have set up with Helsinki EuroGames in the “Joint Düsseldorf-Helsinki Declaration on Sports Guidelines”.


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