Table tennis at the EuroGames 2020


Table tennis will take place at the Bundesleistungszentrum at Borussia Düsseldorf. There we have a perfect infrastructure and the support of the club at our service. 


The games will be played on Thursday, 6th August and Friday, 7th August, from 9.30am to 6.30pm. The performance classes A, B, C and D are offered in singles (men*ident/women*ident), doubles (men*ident/women*ident) and mix. 

For this tournament, strict definitions according to balance sheets and leagues did not seem appropriate, due to the variety of regional and national differences. When you register to define your playing strength, please evaluate your performance class fair!

For doubles, the level of the stronger partner will determine the performance class.

To ensure fairness to all players, the Tournament Director reserves the right to adjust your proposed performance class if deemed necessary.


D - Beginner

This class is for players , who are working on their stroke technique and who have not played any championship matches in the past.

C - Hobby

This class is played by participants who occasionally take part in competitions but have experience in serve and return.

B - Advanced

Experienced players who have proven their technical and tactical skills, comparable to playing in the lower and middle class leagues.

A - Experts

Players with a lot of experience, comparable to players from higher leagues who compete on a (semi-)professional level.



We play according to the rules of the DTTB or ITTF. 

A match is played by 3 winning sets. All matches are played with 40mm plastic balls (white).

In dependence on the number of participants, there will most likely be a group system for the preliminary round and a simple knockout system for the main round.

Key facts

Days: Thursday, 06.08.2020 and Friday, 07.08.2020

Time: 9.30am to 6.30pm

Categories: Men*ident/Women*ident (Single, Double, Mixed)

Levels: A, B, C, D

Min/Max: expected: 100-150 players


Sports details

See main information.



EGLSF-member fee: 80 Euro
Additional fee for non-EGLSF: + 20 Euro 
Sports price: + 7 Euro



Level 2: Women/Man is understood as women/man*ident. 





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