Travelling to Düsseldorf is easy and cheap

Düsseldorf is located at the centre of Europe. It has Germany’s third biggest airport and as such, has a wide variety of connections to many European and international cities. Since the founding of Eurowings (Lufthansa’s budget airline) and the arrival of Easyjet and Ryanair, it is fairly cheap to reach Düsseldorf. The airport of Cologne is easy to reach as well. Düsseldorf also offers many international non-stop connections, which add up to 200 destinations in 50 countries.

The city is connected by train to all cities in Germany and also to international destinations such as Amsterdam (2 hours), Brussels (2 hours), Zürich (5 hours) and Paris (4 hours).

Given the good highway connections, it is easy to reach the city by car or bus. Flixbus for example connects the city to 250 cities europe-wide.

Public transport in the city is also well connected, with a third underground line that just opened.



Our bridges are nice, but there is no need for you to sleep under one during EuroGames 2020. 

Accommodations in the summer are cheap

Düsseldorf has more than 235 hotels with more than 26,000 beds. Since it is a city which hosts many big trade fairs, its capacity is growing. Especially in low season for fairs, such as the summer period, prices are very reasonable. Also the number of budget hotels (Motel One, B&B Hotels, A&O Hostels) is growing

In addition, Airbnb lists more than 1,700 apartments for temporary rent.

Hosted housing will be offered for our outreach guests. In the past we have managed to gather more than 100 beds for the Düssel-Cup alone.

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