Further sports at EuroGames 2020 in Düsseldorf

The Grand Prix in Dancing takes place every January at the Boston Club in Düsseldorf. In 2015 the German National Championship was organised by TSC conTAKT at the same venue. Dancing competitions at the EuroGames 2020 will be organised by highly experienced people in an internationally known location.

We think rowing should remain part of the EuroGames sports. With two international racetracks close to Düsseldorf (Duisburg and Cologne), we find it our duty to make rowing part of our bid. We have spoken to many LGBTIQ and other sports clubs and both racetracks. We have reserved both tracks now and depend on the Olympic Games in Tokyo and the German National Championships to reach a decision. Most likely the competition will take place in Cologne on Fühlinger See. It will be organised in conjunction with SC Janus by the local clubs (Kölner Regattaverband), supported by Queerschlag Berlin. We have spoken to many rowing clubs and will most likely be able to provide rental boats at a reasonable price. We hope to attract rowers back to the EuroGames and have worked tirelessly to make this possible.

Bridge will be organised by two highly qualified players and coaches.

We have found a dedicated person to organise billiards at the EuroGames. The venue is yet to be arranged.

Bowling will be organised by the SC AufRuhr, who run a yearly competition. The venue is yet to be arranged.

We are working on making rugby part of the EuroGames 2020 and have found two specialists.

Near Düsseldorf (Neuss), we have the biggest indoor skiing hall in Germany. We will offer a fun and competitive day in Neuss with races in giant slalom and a full day of skiing there.

We are working on making shooting part of the EuroGames 2020 and have already found a specialist.

Figure Skating:
We are working on making figure skating a part of the EuroGames 2020 in cooperation with SC Janus.