Winter Sports at EuroGames: Slalom and Giant Slalom


For the first time, skiing will be part of the sports program of EuroGames. Near Düsseldorf (Neuss), we have the biggest indoor skiing hall in Germany. We will offer a fun and competitive day in Neuss with races in giant slalom and a full day of skiing there.

The 300-metre slope has a height difference of 110 metres and offers a gradient between 10 and 28 degrees. The four ski lifts bring you to the top.


Key facts

Slalom / Giant Slalom

Beginner / Expert

10 / 40 Participants 

Thursday or Friday 


Sports details

LocationSkihalle Neuss „allrounder“
Distance from centre/directions20 km
Used on which EG days?Thursday or Friday
For what sports discipline(s)?Skiing
Equipment, no. of seats, parking spaces, max. capacity?3 Skiing lifts, 300 m slope, 10 to 18 percent gradiant
What’s already been held there?internal races by numerous clubs and organisations
Condition of sports hall, which nets, balls, scoreboards?articifial snow, professional race track, seperated from the main slope
Back-up if necessary (tennis in rainy weather)non
Which association?non
What rules? Length of play, special rules? Time measurement?race timing be the skiing hall, rules best three out of five
EGLSF regulationnon applicable
Which club? LGBTIQ?non, professional instructors by the skiing hall
Experience in organising the sportsfirst time with professional support by the skiing hall
No. of team members/participantsmax. participants 40
Level of abilitybeginner, expert
Organisational frameworkmen/women/other: depending on the number of registrations; mostlikely by the rule 3 out of 5 (best three finishing times will be added)
Guarantee for number of races, runs, matches/games per athlete?full day of skiing, including 2 hours-pass for their climbing garden
Minimum no. of participants per team and other rulesminimum 10 participants
On what days will competitions be held?one day: Thursday or Friday
Special aspectsTickets have to be paid inidividually